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10 Feb 2010      

Yume Hiyoko: A Japanese Robot That’s Shaped Like a Baby Chick

by Marta Reig
This is one of the campiest Japanese robots around. It's shaped like a baby chick and, when you pet it, it responds by flapping its wings and chirping. It's one of Sega Toys' virtual robots
7 Dec 2009      

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Under 15 Euros

by Marta Reig
We have 10 suggestions for cheap Christmas gifts, none costs more than 15 Euros. Don’t let the financial crisis ruin your Christmas!
23 Nov 2009      

Cardbo, A Real Life Manga Comic Robot

by Marta Reig
Cardbo is one of the characters in the Yostuba manga comic. Its first-generation robot style and the friendly, startled look on its face have conquered the hearts of robot lovers.
27 Oct 2009      

Candy Grabber

by Marta Reig
Fishing the candy out with the hook is harder than it looks. We were forced to rely on a technique that, admittedly, is really for wimps: turning the candy grabber over and shaking it.
21 Oct 2009      

Video Eyewear Glasses "iWear AV230 XL"

by Marta Reig
The first time we saw these video eyewear glasses on the Internet, we thought they were so modern and futuristic that we couldn’t wait to get them and try them out. Now we’ve finally tried them.
15 Oct 2009      

kna+ "yoko-pleats", a pretty and practical reusable shopping bag

by Ayumi Nakai
All those campaigns to do away with plastic bags have made reusable shopping bags a hot item. This one is very cute and it’s a Japanese design.
5 Oct 2009      

"Veho" USB Microscope

by Marta Reig
We’ve tested this microscope and analyzed everything: a coin, ipod head phones, a set of keys, a plush toy... It’s addictive.
28 Sep 2009      

Sega Toys’ Star Theater Star Projector

by Marta Reig
We’ve tested Sega Toy’s star projector at home. We’ll tell you how it works and what we think of it.
8 Sep 2009      

Breast Shaped Stress Ball

by Marta Reig
Stressed out? Relax with this breast shaped anti-stress ball, the latest gadget meant to relieve tension. It comes form Japan and weighs 2 kilos.
18 Aug 2009      

Social Network Pillows

by Marta Reig
These handmade pillows reproduce icons and logos from today’s most popular Internet social networks. You just can’t get any geekier than this.
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