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Japanese Culture

News on Japanese culture, humor, manga, and current affairs. Get to know Japan with this blog written by a Japanese girl living in Spain.

6 Jan 2011      

Push Pin Light

by Ayumi Nakai
Five different color lights available. You decide how to use them.
6 Jan 2011      

Soap Tablet: Tiny Portable Bars of Soap

by Ayumi Nakai
Miniature soap bars so tiny that they look like mints have become very popular in Japan.
28 Dec 2010      

Practical Gifts from Japan for this holiday season.

by Ayumi Nakai
Santa Claus and the Three Kings come from far-away lands, so do these gifts.
14 Dec 2010      

Eat popcorn in style, without getting your hands dirty

by Ayumi Nakai
Use the Popcorn Hand to eat popcorn without getting salt and butter all over yourself.
8 Dec 2010      

Keromin: An Electronic Musical Instrument Shaped Like a Frog Puppet

by Ayumi Nakai
At first glance, it looks like a cute little frog puppet, but if you open and close its mouth, it makes sounds!
8 Dec 2010      

Kinopuyo: Mushroom Lamp

by Ayumi Nakai
When its sensors detect movement, it lights up and dances as if it were alive.
8 Dec 2010      

Kobito Dukan: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dwarfs

by Ayumi Nakai

These human-looking dwarfs are somewhat grotesque, yet also endearingly beautiful.
27 Nov 2010      

3D ShotCam: A Toy Camera that Makes 3D Photos

by Ayumi Nakai
The camera is rectangular, has two lenses, it’s digital and the viewer is made out of cardboard
27 Nov 2010      

Kuchi-Paku Animal Speaker: Animal Speakers that Dance and Sing Playback

by Ayumi Nakai
These stuffed animals have speakers inside and they also dance and move their mouths as if they were lip-synching.
24 Nov 2010      

A Moneybox with a Playful Kitty Cat!

by Ayumi Nakai
This moneybox features a kitty cat peeking out of a cardboard box to grab the coin.
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