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News and curiosities

Is it fact or fiction? News that’ll peak your curiosity; it’s so amazing you might think it’s a lie. Read it to believe it.

22 May 2013      

by Natalia Latina
11 Mar 2013      

Los juguetes con los que jugaban nuestros padres

by Natalia Latina
Aunque te parezca raro, tu padre también fue un niño y, por supuesto, dedicaba buena parte de su tiempo a jugar como hacías tú cuando eras pequeño. ¿Quieres ver cómo eran algunos de sus juguetes...?
15 Jan 2013      

Concurso de diseño de camisetas en con la colaboración de Curiosite

by Natalia Latina es una tienda online de camisetas muy particular, porque sus diseños están creados por los ganadores de los concursos que convocan de forma continuada. La temática de su última convocatoria: la mítica década de los ochenta.
1 Jul 2011      

Rymble, the Emotional Internet Object

by Jesús Rojas
Social networks are becoming increasingly popular. Now you can keep track of what’s going on with Rymble. This singular object created by Symplio makes sounds and movements to keep you abreast of what’s happening in your social network.
16 Jul 2010      

Gift-Wrap Ideas

by Marta Reig
Here are 6 easy creative gift-wrap ideas so you can learn to wrap gifts without going crazy:
19 Oct 2009      

Polaroid is Back!

by Marta Reig
Thanks to The Impossible Project, a web site dedicated to recuperating Polaroid, the legendary instant cameras will go back into production in 2010.
13 Oct 2009      

Rollip, online photo-to-Polaroid converter

by Marta Reig
Choose an effect, personalize the frame and load your photo. In just a few minutes, Rollip will turn your digital photo into a Polaroid snapshot. It’s simple, fun and free of charge.
13 Oct 2009      

Breakfast Machine

by Marta Reig
This breakfast machine prepares a full breakfast composed of coffee, an omelet, some toast with jam and orange juice.
7 Oct 2009      

Punch Camera. To print out your photos, just punch it.

by Marta Reig
Shoot, punch and share: that’s the spirit behind Punch Camera, a camera that instantly prints photos on paper.
24 Sep 2009      

A Sad Day for Shin-Chan Fans

by Ayumi Nakai
Yoshito Usui, creator of the famous manga character Shin-Chan, died suddenly while on a hike.
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