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 el 1 Jul 2009 por Marta Reig

Inspector Gadget’s gadgets

Some of Inspector Gadget’s most famous gadgets have actually been developed and may be found on the Internet.

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Two versions of Inspector Gadget's gadgets
Two versions of Inspector Gadget's gadgets
In order to become a 21st century Inspector Gadget, all you really need is one of these gadgets we've found on Internet. These designs were all apparently inspired by some of the French inspector’s zaniest and most absurd gadgets.

1. Gadget Coat: A trench coat that allows him to float in mid air or in water and inflates when he presses one of its buttons. We suggest this inflatable referee costume. We know it looks nothing like a trench coat, but with this costume you can roll around on the ground and turn yourself into a human ball. It’s just as impractical, ridiculous and absurd as the Gadget Trench Coat.

2. Gadget Communicator: Actually, this gadget didn’t belong to Inspector Gadget, it was his niece Sophie and her dog Sultan who used it to communicate with each other on all those missions where they secretly followed the inspector. Its 21st Century equivalent is this MP4 watch, that can record voice and play videos, music, radio, text files and photographs. It’s the perfect contraption for a spy with a lot of free time on his hands.

3. Gadget Copter: He had these propellers poking out of his hat that he controlled using his arms. The Gadget Copter allowed him to fly and run away from the bad guys. Unfortunately, this invention is still to be developed, but it is possible to dress as ridiculously as Inspector Gadget did with this propeller beanie.

4. Gadget Spotlight: A spotlight that came out of his hat. Its sole purpose was to light his way when he snuck into dark places. This Swizz army knife with an LED flashlight is a lot more practical. It gives off an incredibly bright white light that will light up whatever you need to see. It also has a 4GB USB, pen, key ring... and you don’t need a hat to keep it in, it fits in your trouser pockets.

5. Gadget Hand: An extendable arm that came out of his hat. It had a mind of its own and its pointy finger would sometimes spare Inspector Gadget from being attacked. The robot arm is a fantastic combination of Gadget Arm and Gadget Hand. It has 5 joints and motors, moves up and down, and can catch and rotate objects. Unfortunately, it won’t save your life and it’s not a trusty friend like Gadget Hand is.

6. Gadget 'Brella: It’s not an umbrella that comes out of the hat; it’s Gadget Hand holding an umbrella. He used it to keep out of the rain, and also as a parachute, although it often turned over and didn’t really work... The Umbrella Hat is a lot more comfortable because you don’t need extra hands, just your head. Wear it like a hat so you won’t get wet and you’ll still be free to use your hands. You may want to use them to cover your face, so no one will recognize that it’s you in that funny hat.

We'd love to see your comments in our blog suggesting other gadgets that look like the ones Inspector Gadget used, such as the gadget binoculars, the gadget skates, the gadget srpings... With all the new ideas we'll write a second part of the article.

Links: More Inspector Gadget’s gadgets at Wikipedia & YouTube Openning Theme
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For the gadget hand the best way is to get a slinky and a work glove. Stuff the work glove with something to give it some weight. Shove the end of the slinky into the glove and tighten the strap on the glove, then put your hand in the other end of the slinky. Wear the other glove then feel free to throw out the glove at people whilst yelling Go Go Gadget Hand. Even if you smack them in the face they will get a kick out of it.
Publicado por Chris Stoddard.
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