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Doormat Scale is a doormat that’s also a scale. It works like any normal bathroom scale, indicating your weight in kilos whenever you step on it. It’s also a great doormat, since it’s covered in coconut fiber that traps and hides a huge amount of dirt. The back is made of latex, so the doormat won’t slip.

You’ll finally know how much your guests weigh: including your friends, your mom, your dog, your sexy next-door neighbor, that hot plumber, the doorman, your chubby friend, encyclopedia salesmen, your skinny friend, Jehovah’s witnesses, etc. The Doormat Scale is sure to become a daily source of guaranteed fun. It’ll give you a laugh and provide the perfect excuse to start a fun conversation.

The Doormat Scale is also a good way to force you to check your weight on a daily basis, since you’ll have to weigh yourself every time you enter or leave the house.  The Doormat Scale will become your best ally when it comes to losing weight.

Nowadays, the Christmas holidays invariably entail a proliferation of gastronomic events: family dinners, company cocktails, and various celebrations with different groups of friends. In addition to the increased consumption of carbohydrates (particularly in the form of special Christmas desserts), you also end up eating more fats and proteins from meat dishes, as well as ingesting copious amounts of high-calorie alcoholic beverages. This makes it easy to gain weight during the Christmas season. The Doormat Scale is the perfect Christmas gift. It’ll help you keep that inevitable weight gain in check.

Important warning: Not everyone will find the Doormat Scale amusing. A lot of people consider the whole issue of weight taboo. They don’t feel comfortable with their weight and it’s more than likely that they won’t be all that amused by the Doormat Scale. That’s a risk you’ll have to take.

Thanks to the Doormat Scale, you’ll finally just how heavy your guests really are. Try it.

 The Doormat Scale was designed exclusively for Curiosite by Emilio Alarcón, a Spanish designer with wide-ranging experience. Emilio himself explains: "I realized that weight had become a social taboo. No one talks about how much we weigh or don’t weigh, it’s almost like talking about money, no one talks about how much money the make. I’d also been thinking that people were becoming a bit too boring lately. We seem to find it hard to start conversations, even with people who come knocking on our doors. The Doormat Scale is my small own contribution to trying to solve these two day-to-day problems for the First World.

- Size: 77 x 45 x 0.6 cm / 29.9 x 17.7 x 0.2 inches
- Maximum weight: 160 kg.
- Gauge: 100 g.
- Mechanical scale, does not require batteries or other sources of electric power.
- Easy to keep clean. Just shake the doormat out or use a vacuum cleaner.
- Latex backing stops the doormat from slipping
- Protective Film: Synthetic latex.
- Hair: 100% coconut fiber.

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