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 on 11 Dec 2010 by Marta Reig Comment on this    Send it to a friend

Dancing Shoes: Slippers you can use to dance with your kids

These red felt slippers have another pair of miniature slippers built-in on top... They're the first house slippers designed for dancing with your kids!

Slippers and miniature slippers
Slippers and miniature slippers
Slippers and miniature slippers  Fathers and daughters, mothers and sons  The hand version  Great for lovers!
The slippers look a little weird when you're not wearing them, but once you put the on and convince your kid to put his feet in the little miniature slippers on top, these felt slippers are the perfect accessory for dancing at home. They're red and very warm, and were designed by COMPANY, a design firm based in Finland.

We've also found a version for the hands, a pack of mittens for couples made up of 2 normal mittens and one double mitten. Each member of the couple puts his hand in the double mitten and that way they can walk in the cold without letting go of each other's hands.

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