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 on 19 Oct 2010 by Marta Reig Comment on this    Send it to a friend

Bird-shaped coat hooks

This group of birds is really a set of original coat hooks. Make space in your living room for these new lodgers!

Set of coat hooks in several different colors
Set of coat hooks in several different colors
Set of coat hooks in several different colors  Cute and innocent  Pink coat hook  Packaging
Give your apartment a new look and decorate its walls with these cute colorful birds perched on a branch. Each bird is an individual coat hook that is easy to install, just screw it on the wall. Use the bird coat hook to hang your coat, or to hang dishcloths in the kitchen or towels in the bathroom.

Unlike other novelty coat hooks, this one won't end up getting covered by whatever you put on top of it, because the branch serves as the hook and the bird always remains visible. There are several colors and there's also a squirrel version! You can see it in the photos.

Link: New Arriva
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